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We are a group of behavioral healthcare providers, seasoned software implementers, and information specialists dedicated to advising Behavioral Healthcare professionals and academics during their electronic health records, clinical and training hours tracking, and revenue cycle management search. We also work behind the scenes with vendors implementing business strategies and sustainable market relevance. The types of healthcare organizations we work with are the following:

  • Individual Providers and Group Practices
  • Non-Profits
  • Community Mental Health and Public Behavioral Health Organizations
  • Academic Institutions with Psychology and Psychiatry Programs
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Vendors
  • Billing/Revenue Cycle Management Organizations

What We Do

What are the questions every behavioral healthcare provider should ask an EHR vendor? EHR vendors have been the loudest voices in regards to HIPAA, Meaningful Use, and general advice on how best to run your mental health organization. We offer advice and guidance after working behind the scenes with EHR vendors and also onsite with providers.

We have a unique perspective knowing organizations from the inside.
  • What is the education and background of their leadership and staff?
  • Does this organization run their own mental health practice using their own software?
  • Why did they create a product to serve the behavioral healthcare market?
  • Is their organization large enough to handle your needs?
  • Do they have clinicians, software engineers, former insurance/Medicare auditors, certified billers and coders on staff?
  • What are all of the costs associated with utilizing their program?
These are some of the questions we ask our providers to consider before adopting any EHR. Demos can be very misleading. Look at multiple EHR vendors before you make your final selection. We are happy to join you on this important journey. This is what we do.

Why We Do It

We spend our time volunteering and working with behavioral health providers and organizations. We care about the work providers do in the world. We also care about organizations from electronic health record software vendors, clinical training and hours tracking software vendors, and revenue cycle management firms that strive to provide our clients with the best tools to run their organizations and programs. When a mental health provider can focus on patient treatment instead of battling with their EHR and billing services, patients continue to receive excellent care. We guide academic institutions that offer psychology and psychiatry programs towards best in class software solutions to welcome in the next generation of behavioral health providers. When our providers are shown solutions that have proudly served the healthcare market for decades with credible founders and personnel we know their choices will be between BEST, BEST, and BEST.




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