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Legalizing Marijuana – The Conversation We Should Be Having: Dr. R. Corey Waller


Dr. Corey Waller joins us for a discussion about the consequences of legalizing marijuana from the media room at National Council for Behavioral Health’s annual conference. Dr. Waller is a multi-session presenter and we are so glad he could take some time out during the conference for some sound bites about his work. Take a listen and hear factual information that should be part of our national conversation about marijuana usage.




The Mental Healthcare Paradigm: Eileen Joseph, CEO of CareLink Community Support Services

mhnr-soundbitesJoin us live from Las Vegas, Nevada at the annual conference for The National Council for Behavioral Health. Our goal was to speak with presenters and guests. Eileen Joseph stopped by the media room to give us her thoughts on the most esteemed conference supporting our favorite sector of healthcare: Behavioral Health. Eileen discusses what CareLink Community Support Services offers their client population, what their technology needs are, and how the ever changing paradigm of mental health is affecting their organization. 



Working With Gender Variant Youth: Dr. Aron Janssen

mhnr-soundbitesJoin us for a live interview with Dr. Aaron Janssen at The National Council for Behavioral Health’s annual conference: NatCon16. Dr. Janssen stopped by the media room to discuss his work, the passion he has for working with children and families, and his presentation on Gender Variant Youth for the conference. 




EHR Software Demonstration Tips and Tricks 2.0: What Providers Need to Watch Out For

evehr magician

Is your EHR demo a whole lot of hocus pocus?

Choosing the right behavioral health EHR is one of the most important decisions a mental health organization will make.

Before you dive into purchasing the software that will be running your practice make sure the vendor providing the demo is not really a magician. In our time spent only selling mental health EHRs, we have done demos exactly as trained by the creators of the products. We found out later this was horrendously misleading and when we started doing demonstrations of the products exactly as they worked, sales of these EHRs slowed down to a trickle. As they should.

everythingEHR has been reviewing behavioral health EHRs for the past few years. Many of our clients from mental health billers to behavioral health providers have come to rely on our EHR knowledge to help them during the often painful process of selecting a system that will ultimately run their practice. We have demoed more than forty behavioral health EHRs. Some are 100% mental health focused and others serve many sectors of health care and include a behavioral health component. We found that the process of vetting EHR vendors can and should be a time-consuming journey but often filled with missteps and some landmines. Our clients always report a serious reduction in anxiety by having one of our advisers join them on each and every demo.

Leadership and the Art of Positive Thinking: the Sunny Side of EHR Adoption

grass-and-blue-sky-banners-10096636It is so easy to slip into negative thinking when walking the dusty trail of adopting an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system within your behavioral healthcare practice. But this type of thinking and talking can actually result in poorer self-esteem in the workplace and reduce performance during this often challenging time of change.

There is a large and growing body of research on the measurable impact a positive mind-set has on workplace satisfaction and performance. At a minimum, these findings suggest that workplace enthusiasm – and, on the flip side, negativity – impact organizational productivity.

Transforming the Leader/Transformational Leadership

Organizational leaders during a massive technological overhaul – such as adopting a new EHR – are asked to show more composure than perhaps ever before in the workplace. Adoption of a new system requires patience to minimize the impact of uncertainty among coworkers amidst the already existing day-to-day demands of your practice.  

The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists: An Interview with Eleanor Payson

WizardofOzOne of the classic and original books about personality disorders was written by author and counselor, Eleanor Payson. The Wizard of Oz and Other Narcissists was ahead of its time. We are enjoying the resurgence in its popularity as the topic of Narcissism is no longer taboo subject matter.

Join us for an in-depth chat with Eleanor on Mental Health News Radio. 



Mental Health News Radio: Welcome Dr. Alvin McLean, Jr. of John F. Kennedy University


Join us as we interview Dr. Alvin McLean, Jr. to discuss his career, his passion for the field of psychology, and his mission to provide the next generation of behavioral health providers with the tools they need to practice their chosen specialty in today’s workforce.


 Listen to the show!

Alvin McLean, Jr. is a professor of clinical psychology and Co-Director of Clinical Training at John F. Kennedy University’s Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Program. Dr. McLean received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology and psychophysiology at the University of Wisconsin and he completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at the University of Washington in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Therapy Dogs Working with Special Needs Kids in the Classroom

buddyandmylesMost of our listeners and readers know all about Myles the Therapy Dog. He’s been in parades, traveled all over the United States, and logged miles of visits in outpatient and inpatient mental health organizations. He’s also worked at schools in special needs classrooms. We added his younger brother, Buddy, to the program as Myles got older. Buddy does most of the ball catching and delivering while Myles makes rounds to each patient or student so they can pet him and give him treats.


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