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Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio Network: Beck Gee-Cohen

Beck Gee-Cohen has a passion for trans issues—and by that, he means talking the greater community through how they can fix their “issues” with trans people. “I identify as transgender,” he says. “And when I talk to clinicians, I explain to them: It’s not us, it’s you.”

Listen to Beck’s first show on our podcast: Gender Matters.

Listen to Beck’s second show on our podcast: The Language of Gender.

Sure, Beck has a personal connection to issues of gender and sexuality. But his background has also afforded him a wealth of experience and skills to further the trans conversation in this country. “I’ve been working with the LGBT population for a long time,” he says. “My passion is with the trans community and helping clinicians, therapists, and the world to know more about trans people.”When he’s talking to an audience on how clinicians can better help their trans clients in addiction treatment (he’s a regular NCAD presenter), he can tell it’s a controversial topic—because not everyone wants to talk about it. But overall, Beck says it’s less about the mistakes you make in speaking the wrong way and more about being open to learning a different and better way. “I wanted to give a voice to the trans community, and that begins by not being afraid to start that conversation,” he says.

Whether he’s talking to professionals at prisons, schools, or treatment facilities, the message about how we can better serve the trans community is clear: Language is powerful. But the healing starts in speaking out. “This is such a traumatized community, and we need to talk about it,” he says. “We need to start asking questions: Why are they hypervigilant? What are they angry? Why are they scared? Because the world around us is scary.”

Beck’s role at MHNR is evolving, and we’re excited to explore more issues that delve into the intricacies of gender and sexuality. Stay tuned for more conversations on the chasm that exists between male and female and how clinicians can better help those clients, who often feel trapped in a world that doesn’t know their name. “Let’s get beyond the semantics of he/she,” says Beck. “It’s really not that difficult. We’re all just people.”

It Ain’t Weak to Speak: Catching Up with Sam Webb of LIVIN


Sam Webb Cofounder of LIVIN on Why #ItAintWeaktoSpeak

He may hail from Sydney, Australia, but Sam Webb has traveled the globe to further a cause that he’s keenly passionate about: mental health and suicide prevention. Sam has fought his own mental health challenges, as almost anyone can relate, but it’s the act of a dear friend, Dwayne Lally, taking his own life three years ago that spurred Sam to action.


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To fight back against the all-too-common (and pervasive) stigma of mental health, in 2013 Sam cofounded the charity LIVIN (, an organization that promotes the mantra “it ain’t weak to speak.” Whether it’s through international presentations to schools or sporting organizations or via LIVIN’s innovative fashion line, Sam’s efforts focus on making mental health an approachable, even cool, subject to broach for all—those who are experiencing a mental health challenge firsthand as well as those who are concerned for friends or family. Mental health isn’t a silo meant to shut anyone away from the world, and Sam is traveling the globe to spread the message that it ain’t weak to speak—to speak up about your own struggles and to speak out against mental health’s stigma.

Let’s Get #MentalHealthified!

mentalhealthifiedWhy MHNR Will Always Stand by “Mental Health”

What’s wrong with the words “mental health,” you ask? Not a thing! Then why, we wondered, were the folks at Mental Health News Radio coming up against roadblock upon roadblock in regard to the name of our show? It’s true, the phrasing and the connotations of “mental health” have some long held—though undeserved—stigmas attached to them. We get it. But that’s precisely why we refuse to rebrand around it. We tackle this beast (that somehow mental health is any less deserving or crucial to one’s psyche and physicality than brain health, bone health, or overall physical health) every. single. day.

Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melanie Vann, Counseling and Program Director

We start with our Program Director, resident counselor, and Marketing & Advocacy Director, Melanie Vann. 

A trained behavioral health expert who’s innately intrigued by all that people come to endure during their lifetime, Melanie Vann has been working with Mental Health News Radio and everythingEHR since May 2015. Over the past year and change, her role with the MHNR team has evolved considerably, as she moved quickly from small marketing tasks to a more prominent role in show hosting and management.

Whether she’s on-air co-hosting or behind the scenes vetting guests or writing her next blog post, Melanie draws on her years in private practice as a counselor, life coach, and equine therapist to bring to light the hottest topics of behavioral health today. For more on what makes Melanie tick—and what’s to come regarding her role at MHNR—keep reading.

Dan Griffin on his NCAD Message about Men’s Trauma

Furthering a “Trauma-Enlightened” Conversation

dangriffinDan Griffin, an author and international expert on men and trauma, has a bone to pick with the behavioral healthcare system, and he’s not afraid of how controversial it may sound. “I don’t think it’s men who are failing treatment; I think it’s we who are failing them,” he said recently in an interview with Kristin Walker on Mental Health News Radio—one that proved provocative in its candid discussion of gender, the danger of man rules’ rigidity, and the concept of conscious masculinity. Listen to a list of all of Dan’s podcasts:


Mental Health News Radio Live at The National Conference on Addiction Disorders

NCAD (1)Mental Health News Radio is heading to Denver again! MHNR’s Kristin Sunanta Walker will be doing live interviews at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders starting August 18. From the halls of the conference floor and a media room that the conference graciously set up for the show, Walker will be touching base with vendors, participants, and session presenters (many of whom have appeared on the show previously), with no topic off the table. Through live interviews and lots of candid conversation, Walker hopes to make new connections and further much-needed conversations on the most crucial messages coming out of this conference. Here, Walker talks about why she wanted to make this trip, what she’s most excited about, and how you can listen along.

We ♥ the National Council for Behavioral Health

NationalCouncilThe Heart and the Hub of Behavioral Health

Billed as the nation’s most effective advocate for behavioral health prevention, early intervention, science-based treatment, and recovery, the National Council for Behavioral Health wears many hats that serve one cause: mental health. Whether it’s by effecting federal change by pushing through much-needed policies on the Hill or stifling mental health stigma with science or social media, the National Council is a best friend to behavioral health providers and vendors alike—even if they don’t know it (you likely do).

Medicare Payment Reform: What Behavioral Health Providers Should Know

MACRA (1)The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (otherwise known as MACRA) was signed into law in April 2015. A few months ago, the CMS released its proposed rule for what MACRA entails. What does that mean for behavioral health providers who care for Medicare beneficiaries? Let’s break it down.

Sam Webb


Join Sam Webb on Mental Health News Radio interviewing with host Kristin Sunanta Walker. We’ll have guests from all over the world jumping on our show to talk about Mental and Physical Health, Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and the launch of his own podcast on our network #vulnerabl!

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