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Welcome James C. Murphy to everythingEHR: Senior Information Security Specialist

jcm-orig-bw-2008Jim is an IT Security consultant with 30+ years’ experience, predominantly in healthcare. He was introduced to us by one of our excellent Behavioral Health EHR vendors: Integrity Support. He recently retired from the State of North Carolina, where his last position was Senior Information Security Specialist within the Office of Internal Audit (OIA) in the NC DHHS. He provided information security expertise for audit planning, follow-up review of previous audits and assisted in system access management and updating the OIA business continuity plan. Earlier he was the Information Security Architect in the Office of MMIS Services of NC DHHS, providing information security consulting for major development projects, including the NCTracks system, and the State Health Information Network planning project. Prior to, Jim was a HIPAA Security consultant at the UNC Health Care System; assisting in risk analyses, documentation, and BC/DR planning.  He also directed IT technology for UNC School of Public Health and lent his expertise as a consultant to leading Electronic Health Record vendors. 

He is a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Raleigh Chapter, and the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA), serving on the Privacy and Security Work Group (PSWG), and co-founded the Health Care IT-IS Internal Auditors Task Force (HCIIA) under the PSWG. He was also a contributing author for the (ISC)2 HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) offered earlier in 2014.  Jim has written (published), taught and spoken on information security management, service continuity, security auditing and security certification training to diverse audiences. Jim has an MS in Information Science from the UNC School of Information and Library Science, and holds GSEC, CISSP, ISSMP, CISA and CISM certifications.

Why We Become Therapists and How to Remain One: Tips for Overcoming Burnout and Malcontent

freedom-of-soulI remember the day I knew I would have a career in the helping field: It was a day like any other in first grade. As I stood in line with all my classmates, our janitor, Mr. Johnson, walked past. His familiar gimp accompanied him, as it always did, with one leg lagging behind him while the opposite arm swayed oddly.

To my dismay, the entire class snickered and called out insults, which—right or wrong—was the popular response by those around me. However, being the empath I am, I just sank inside. A pit the size of a kickball grew in my stomach and I just had to do something to ease his pain. Not having the tools then that I have now, I didn’t know what else to do. So I waved, smiled. A simple token of kindness that would foretell my future as a therapist. I knew then that I could not tolerate human suffering and that I had a gift within me to help ease it.

Behavioral Health Organization Efficiencies: Scott Lloyd, President MTM Services

MTM_Services_Header_1Scott Lloyd, the author of Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies: A Toolkit for Healthcare Organizations, works with an approach grounded in an accountable care philosophy.  Scott is the President of M.T.M Services and National Council for Behavioral Health Consultant. Scott’s work is focused on helping behavioral health care organizations analyze their performance data to establish system wide changes that work to improve the overall quality of the services being delivered.

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What’s Your Problem: You or Your Behavioral Health EHR?

mhnr-soundbitesJoin Scott Lloyd, President of MTM Services, for a live sound bite from National Council for Behavioral Health’s annual conference. Scott and our CEO, Kristin Walker, presented for council attendees about the growing changes, frustrations, and “gotchas” when it comes to Behavioral Health EHR technology. The session was outstanding and attended by EHR vendors, as well, as clinicians and agency directors. New requirements for integrated care will need to be adopted by EHR vendors with credentials, appropriate staff levels, browser-based technology, and responsible spending on development of their products – not just on sales and marketing. Organizations that provide services to our mental health population and EHR vendors are going to need help finding and creating new solutions as we move at light speed towards primary care integration. 



Artie Haraway Your Good Neighbor in Community Mental Health

GN logo 1000 picYou would be lucky to have Artie Haraway as your neighbor. Good Neighbor Community Services is on the cutting edge of recreating the human services industry. “Creating A New Way of Life” is the company slogan which encompasses their desire to bring out the best in the individuals and families they serve. Good Neighbor’s wrap around approach to behavioral health care, state of the art day programs, and ID Waiver group homes makes them the standard to which every health care agency aspires. Listen in to hear Artie Haraway, Good Neighbor’s Director of Marketing and Outreach, talk about the exciting new ventures they are about to embark on.  You will hear how his marketing efforts helped build this bar none agency and how their work in telepsychiatry inspired an invitation from the Discovery Channel.




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