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Behavioral Health EHRs: ClinicTracker Connect with Dr. Michael Gordon

ClinicTracker ConnectHere at everythingEHR we have searched far and wide to find the best electronic health record software solutions for our behavioral health agencies and providers. In January of 2014 we had the pleasure of being introduced to Mark Shriro, Marketing Director of JAG Products, and their premier Behavioral/Mental Health and Chemical Dependency EHR. We had worked with other Windows based EHR platforms and found them severely lacking in programming, design, and functionality. What we found with ClinicTracker is a Windows based EHR done RIGHT.  

After spending months working with Mark Shriro introducing practice upon practice to their incredible software, we finally decided it was time to meet in person. In December of 2014 our CEO, Kristin Walker, had the pleasure of spending several days with the whole team at their lovely office in Syracuse, New York. What she found is a group of talented and dedicated professionals devoted to continuing the growth of their company and their amazing EHR. We are proud to be working with this organization on their business development and outreach programs so more practices can enjoy their 100% customer satisfaction rating.

ClinicTracker meets our criteria for a product to showcase to our everythingEHR clients: created by a Behavioral Health provider and Software Engineer.  We work with business leaders in Behavioral Health that have relevance and credibility in this industry that we love and support.

Join us for our interview with Dr. Michael Gordon and Mark Shriro as we discuss the future of this wonderful company and product.



The questions we asked on the show are listed below:

  • How did ClinicTracker come about? 
  • What were the principles you followed in developing the software? 
  • How has the software evolved over the years? 
  • Why haven’t you expanded ClinicTracker to serve markets other than those related to behavioral healthcare? 
  • ClinicTracker was one of the first Behavioral Health EHRs to obtain Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. Why? 
  • Why do you think ClinicTracker has been so successful over so many years? 
  • Talk to us about some of your most popular features.
  • Talk to us about some of your clients and also what is on the roadmap in terms of features.
  • Talk to us about some of your most popular features. 
  • Users love our Custom Form Builder and Custom Report Builder tools. We give them the ultimate flexibility to incorporate their own forms and reports into the system without needing our resources unless requested. 
  • Our Group Notes capability provides a single screen to capture everything in a group session and ensure that all attendees are accounted for.
  • Our Staff Dashboard provides an instant view of the priority information that every provider needs to deal with. The easy to view format improves user access to information.
  • Our Quick Links shortcut enables every user to define their own workflow for accessing the system. Every form or screen they need can be selected with a simple check box for greater efficiency.
  • The Patient Dashboard is another great innovation that allows each provider a single place to get patient information from Sessions, Financial, Documentation and much more.
  • We have clients that deal in specialties such as Eating Disorders to Private and Non-Profit Mental Health and Substance Abuse Agencies. We have installations in large hospitals to manage their Mental Health and CPEP programs. We have large multi-discipline groups like University of Michigan that uses ClinicTracker in four of their clinics.
  • We continue to develop new functionality to streamline the business processes of any BH agency. One of the most exciting functions in development is our Dynamic Compliance Module. This capability will allow our users to define the workflow around their forms to ensure documentation is done in a timely manner and helps the practice meet their regulatory guidelines. Another example is the Staff Portal that will give providers access to their Schedules and more. These new features will be released in early 2015.
  • We will continue to keep in step with the industry changes to support the Behavioral Health market, such as Meaningful Use Stage 3 and IDC-10 and 11.
  • Our expanding user community has been a key resource in our product development and will continue to influence the product roadmap.


Michael Gordon

Director of Research & Development

Michael Gordon, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychiatry, and former Chief Clinical Child Psychologist, Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services, and Director of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders Program at a major Medical University in  New York. Widely published in academic journals, he is author of the unique and highly acclaimed professional manuals entitled, How to Operate an ADHD Clinic or Subspecialty Practice and ADD/ADHD: A No-Nonsense Guide for Primary Care Physicians (with Martin Irwin, M.D.). For the general public, he has written the popular books, ADHD/Hyperactivity: A Consumer’s Guide for Parents and Teachers, Jumpin’ Johnny Get Back to Work!: A Child’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity, My Brother’s A World‑Class Pain: A Sibling’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity, and I Would If I Could: A Teenager’s Guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity. He co-authored with F. Daniel McClure, The Down and Dirty Guide to Adult ADD. He has also produced an animated video of his Jumpin’ Johnny book.

In addition to his scholarly and clinical activities, Dr. Gordon is deeply involved in forensic issues, especially those that swirl around the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He has written extensively about the relationship between psychiatry and disability determinations. With Ms. Shelby Keiser, he edited the book, Accommodations in higher education under the Americans with Disabilities Act: A no-nonsense guide for clinicians, educators, administrators, and lawyers. His book, ADHD on Trial: Courtroom clashes over the meaning of “Disability” was recently published by Praeger Publishers. With colleague Dr. Larry Lewandowski, he has developed a research program to explore the conceptualization and assessment of impairment in clinical populations. He also consults extensively with testing organizations, bar examiners, and academic institutions around legal accommodations.

Dr. Gordon developed a standardized test of attention and self‑control, the Gordon Diagnostic System, which is used internationally. He has also developed an effective non‑medical strategy for training children to be more attentive (the Attention Training System). Dr. Gordon is a recipient of the “Hall of Fame Award” presented by C.H.A.D.D., the national support organization for ADHD.

Finally, Dr. Gordon has published and lectured in the area of data-driven clinic management. His research on predictors of outcome, missed appointments, and non-billable clinical activities has served as a model for evidence-based strategies for the development of clinical systems.  He has also presented on strategies for enhancing collaboration within a system of care  as well as the use of computers and the web to deliver and streamline services.


 Joshua Gordon

President / Software Developer

Joshua is a Cornell University School of Engineering graduate with over fifteen years of experience designing, building, and supporting custom software applications. He is an expert at working with Access, SQL Server, and Oracle database systems as well as various programming/scripting languages. One of the original developers of ClinicTracker, he has been with the company since its inception. Joshua has received awards for his intuitive designs. He has also spoken about entrepreneurship and software design for medical records in this country and abroad.



Mark Shriro

Director of Marketing

Mark is a sales and marketing professional with a broad background in the technology industry. His career in Fortune 500 companies includes Xerox, Avnet, and Agilysys. He brings extensive expertise in marketing ERP, Workflow, and Document Management solutions. He has garnered countless awards for both software and hardware sales.



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