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Behavioral Health Organization Efficiencies: Scott Lloyd, President MTM Services

MTM_Services_Header_1Scott Lloyd, the author of Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies: A Toolkit for Healthcare Organizations, works with an approach grounded in an accountable care philosophy.  Scott is the President of M.T.M Services and National Council for Behavioral Health Consultant. Scott’s work is focused on helping behavioral health care organizations analyze their performance data to establish system wide changes that work to improve the overall quality of the services being delivered.

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Since the end of 2003, Scott has worked with providers in 35 states and two foreign countries, typically as the lead consultant and/or project manager carrying out full system conversion change efforts. Scott began his career at a large, international franchise company working across the U.S. and Southeast Asia, finding great success in improving face to face sales processes, client satisfaction, staff satisfaction and staff productivity. Scott developed an expertise in solving operational problems, retaining staff and increasing performance and service quality.

After returning from Asia in 1998, Scott used his experience to help community behavioral health organizations prepare for changes in their funding environments, working hand in hand with David Lloyd at MTM Services for over ten years. During this time, Scott also earned a four year Bachelor of Science degree in business management and operations from North Carolina State University.

In his interview he will discuss how he started with MTM, The National Council and his contribution there,  as well as give the listeners insight into his new book and just what makes MTM the go to consulting company in the behavioral health field.   Listeners will also learn about a very special volunteer project in which Lloyd is participating. He joins us today to discuss how MTM works with agencies across the United States to better themselves and those they serve.

NatCouncilBelow are some of the questions we asked Scott:

1. What is MTM Services and why is behavioral health so important to the company? MTM is a company that started back in the mid-90s that was created from a shared peer experience that David Lloyd, the founder of our company, and I had.  We watched a family member actually trying to get mental health services and, quite honestly, it didn’t go very well.

2. What other countries does MTM work with in addition to the United States?  From a behavioral health standpoint, we’ve worked with organizations in the Netherlands and also Canada. 

3. You just came back from National Council in Orlando, how was it?  I tell you, it was an awesome show. The National Council does a tremendous job bringing leaders in behavioral health in and the speakers they’re able to obtain along with the sheer number of providers. We all come together and learn and have an amazing time.

4. I know that the book that just came out was launched at the conference, or at least you had some presentations around the book. Can you talk about Leadership Skills to Support High Functioning Teams a little bit? If it’s something that your listeners are interested in they can actually find it on the National Council site. It really is a great motivator for people in the behavioral health industry with lessons around what great leadership is all about.

5. How many consultants do you have on your team at MTM?  We have 15 right now, and we’re actually actively expanding due to the demand for our services. 

6. What are some of the trends in the behavioral health technology field that you’re comfortable 049_BHC0706_fig2talking about? You know what’s interesting is we’ve spent the better part of the last twenty years trying to help teams focus on data, to be data driven. This is finally a piece to mental health care that is being taken seriously.

7. What other areas of behavioral health does MTM cover? Well, we really try to be there for everything. One of our strong suits,that we kind of hang our hat on, if you will, is that we’re going to come in and we’re going to measure results and provide an agency with measures that will improve their practice efficiency.

8. Now for the MOST important part of our talk, tell me a little bit about the volunteer work you do and your photography. Our listeners will really appreciate hearing what you do.  What I’m working on right now is building a portfolio (Check out Scott’s gorgeous pictures on his Facebook page). You actually have to have a pretty deep portfolio to be accepted to work with the SPCA and actually go out and take pictures of the animals up for adoption. I do that on the weekends.  Taking pictures of shelter dogs gives them a much better chance of being adopted.  I try to capture something special about each animal. 



Scott Lloyd
M.T.M. Services & National Council Consultant

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