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Body Image and Narcissism – What is an Empath with Kim Saeed of

NoContactKimSaeedJoin us for an hour with Kim Saeed of Kim is doing some incredible work in the field of narcissistic abuse recovery. We are excited to spread the news and talk about how body image plays a role in being a target of narcissistic abuse, what being an empath means, and how to protect yourself from emotional predators. 





KimSaeedPicKim Saeed, B. Ed., is a survivor and thriver after narcissistic abuse specializing in No Contact coaching, relationship coaching, and self-care. She is the founder and editor of the narcissistic abuse recovery blog Let Me Reach and author of the book How to Do No Contact Like a Boss!, which helps readers detach from toxic relationships and begin their journey of healing. Kim can be reached at

All of Kim’s articles are excellent. We’ve included 2 that focus on the healing we all need after this type of abuse.

6 Steps to Emotional Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

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