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Bringing Some Latin Flavor to the Behavioral Health EHR Market

peru_mapA pleasure for all of us at everythingEHR is finding organizations that truly care about and have credibility in Behavioral Health.  One of our favorite EHR vendors is ClinicTracker by JAGProducts. We had the opportunity to meet their entire team in 2014 at their office in New York. We want to know who the people are that work behind the scenes to bring excellent technology to our mental health providers.  

We tried a few years ago to entice a small EHR vendor to embrace the Latin American market. Sadly the technology and passion just wasn’t there. Good things come to those who wait! ClinicTracker – their team and their product – was certainly worth waiting for.  

After our first experience with a Windows based Behavioral Health EHR it also took some convincing to support another one. We were all about browser based EHRs until our clients experienced the functionality, design and speed of ClinicTracker.  Their features list is unparalleled, they provide weekly updates and enhancements to the software, and the platform was created by a software engineer and clinical psychologist. It simply became too hard to ignore this product and their credible team.

We asked Matthew Cullipher who wears many hats at ClinicTracker (support, sales, marketing, video production – for kristinneed we go on?) to join us on Mental Health News Radio. Matt started a not-for-profit in Latin America working with their mental health population. Sharing Matt’s passion for this field and how he spends his personal time will inspire you. These are the kinds of people you want handling your mental health records. Please enjoy our interview with Matt and his enlightening article about how Mental Health is dealt with in South America.

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Written by Matthew Cullipher

ClinicTracker with Peruvian VolunteersPeru is a land filled with contrasts: from the snow-peaked Andes to the oppressive heat of the Amazon rain forest, from the luxurious fine dining options overlooking the Pacific to the smog-infested street vendors with their 30 cent mystery meats, from the arid desert landscape of Ica to the lush forests of Cajamarca. Peru is a land of sun and clouds, of beauty and poverty, of haves and have-nots. The rich of Peru have the opportunity to sit by a pool in the sunshine while overcoming their addictions or learning to live with their mental health disorders. The impoverished sit in darkness inside damp rooms made up of raw bricks, chained like caged animals. 

It was early in 2012 that I was packing up for my move to Peru. One more garbage bag was tied off, full of items that I would donate to charity. It was the fourth bag that day. As I continued shoveling through a decade worth of accumulations, an alert came over my phone. Twenty six confirmed dead and various others in critical condition. The fire broke out in a drug rehabilitation center 150 miles southeast of Lima, Peru. This horrific incident left many families in mourning and anguish.

familiares-los-pacientes-que-murieron-el-incendio-del-centro-rehabilitacion-drogas-cristo-es-amorThis was a reality I knew all too well. I had visited South American rehabilitation and behavioral health centers in the past. I had seen men tied up like criminals, floors covered in urine and feces, doors locked tightly to ensure escape was not possible. Dozens of men were being held against their will in that rehabilitation center, and when the fire broke out the men had burned to death inside of locked doors and barred windows. The reality of the low-level behavioral health and chemical dependency clinics in South America is vastly different from that in the United States. This was the very reason I would leave family and friends behind to embark upon a journey to live in the world’s second largest desert city. 

After a long and exhausting process, I had the privilege of helping to open and establish a free rehabilitation center for the impoverished. It was an honor to help point the way for other centers and to show the people of Peru that we can treat the lesser fortunate with dignity and respect. It was a groundbreaking effort and will hopefully help lead the way for many other rehabilitation and mental health clinics in that nation.

ClinicTracker TrujilloFast forward just a few short years and here I find myself, back in my homeland of New York. Here in the United States we don’t face the issues that a developing nation confronts. We think of ourselves as evolved, as advanced, as established. We certainly are decades ahead of much of the developing world, yet there are still areas of major concern. In a world where we carry more computing power in our pocket than previous generations could fit into one square city block, we have somehow left much of that computing power behind when we arrive at the office. 

From paper and pen, to outdated EHRs, we choose to stay tied to the whipping post of self-inflicted pains. An old ClinicTracker Matt Speaking in Perufriend contacted me when she heard that I was back in New York. She shared with me that I had an opportunity to assist in bringing another revolutionary idea to the behavioral health landscape. In Peru, the seeds were planted for future success.  Here in the United States, the future is already here and EHRs like ClinicTracker are leading the way.  The question is whether or not we are ready to come out of the damp and darkened prison cells of the ‘old way’ and come into the sunshine and enjoy the better way of doing things. ClinicTracker is that better way, and it’s my pleasure to share this amazing EHR with those who are ready to leave the past and come into the promising future.

MatthewCullipherCBMatt has over 10 years of bi-lingual customer service and technical support experience with various Fortune 500 Companies, including AT&T and AXA Financial. A dedicated professional who has received a host of service and sales awards, he has also worked in drug and alcohol treatment facilities both in New York and South America. Matt is founder of The People Project, a charitable endeavor dedicated to improving the lives of people in need worldwide. 

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