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Our Founder: Kristin Sunanta Walker

kristin-06f2cdfd87Kristin Walker has been working within the health care field for more than two decades. She started out in medical billing for an Urgent Care center in Southern California. Then she worked as the Financial Manager for a dental practice in Oklahoma. She quickly became the go-to person on staff for any software issues. During her time working in the dental industry she was hired by a practice management firm to help private practices with the business side of their organizations. This experience launched her career as an industry consultant. Kristin also deepened her skills in the database software world and began working with many different organizations—from small businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, to set up in-house software to organize and run their corporate communications, sales, and marketing.  

Welcome Joy Wanden to everythingEHR

Joy WandenAlthough she is a librarian by profession, Ms. Wanden’s graduate degree uses the modern terminology of “information scientist”. After working in an administrative position for the 40th Military Police Battalion, in Khorat, Thailand, in her early twenties she returned to California and enjoyed a successful nineteen year career at the Fullerton College Library. For the next two decades she was a User Coordinator, Trainer, Metadata Specialist, a Library Analyst, and retired in 2009 as the Field Training and Education Manager for the U.S. region at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. ( OCLC is a global non-profit, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing information costs.

At OCLC Ms. Wanden represented a powerful, cloud-based infrastructure that provides system-wide intelligence and cooperative platforms. She frequently gave workshops and conference presentations to the west coast members of its network of 16,737 libraries, archives and museums in 170 countries. She also consulted with managers about the most cost-effective use of technology and best practices in metadata operations working with clients like as the University of Southern California, Seattle University, University of Hawaii, Hilo, Alameda (CA) County Public Library, Bellingham (WA) Public Library, and the Oakland Public Library.

Joy has a publishing record as well, starting out in 1998 by designing, coding and then serving as a long-time editor of the web journal, Associates: the Electronic Library Support Staff Journal at She also published several print journal articles, such as “Restructuring The Classification of Library Paraprofessionals”, in Library Mosaics, “Industrializing the Work Flow: New Trends in Technical Services”, in the Oregon Library Association Quarterly, where she was guest editor, “Your One-Stop Guide for Planning a Workshop”, for the Council on Library/Media Technicians, and “Alternative Education Options for Library Staff”, in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science.

Her activist roots and volunteer spirit run deep: at the College she was elected President of the local chapter of the California School Employee Association, she volunteered as a sign language interpreter for the deaf, and contributed her editing expertise to non-profit organizations serving the behavioral health industry since the 1980’s. One of her proudest writing and editing experiences was as one of the editors of Beyond Survival, a magazine devoted to information about victims of childhood sexual abuse.

She is currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer for everythingEHR. Joy is the head of our Non-Profit and Academic Advisory division working with colleges and universities to educate the next generation of mental health providers and our not-for-profit behavioral health organizations.

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Welcome Kellen Stover to everythingEHR

, KellenKellen Stover joins our team as our social media guru. Sometimes age makes a big difference when it comes to all things social media. Having grown up with a keyboard attached to his fingers, Kellen lends his technology skills to our radio show and podcast, Mental Health News Radio, and the EHR vendors that contract our firm to work on their business development initiatives.  

Kellen is our go-to person when technology gets the best of us.  We are not ashamed to admit that the calm demeanor you hear on our radio show is sometimes peppered with panicked looks, texts, and phone calls to Kellen if a guest or caller is having a technology challenge during the show. Patient, technology driven, and able to explain what he is doing when necessary and in a manner we can actually understand: this takes talent. 

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