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The Short List: Narrowing the scope of your Behavioral Health EHR search

shortlistAs a mental and behavioral healthcare practice ready to adopt or expand a paperless system, you might find yourself in new territory without a map.

While there is no one perfect catchall, forming a shortlist of vendors depends on understanding how important features of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology can meet the needs of your workplace. Assessing your needs, knowing what you are looking for, and being in the know about key features that systems offer saves you valuable time, energy – and in the long run – cost. The features listed below provide a good starting point in leading you in the right direction to find the EHR your practice needs.  We are also a phone call or email away if you would like a guide through this process. 

Credibility: Who are the founding members of the organization? Are they mental health providers that have created software that runs their own successful mental health agencies? Would the CEO or President be an invited speaker at a Behavioral Health conference to discuss something other than technology? What kind of contributions have the founding members created for Behavioral Health? Are they the face of the company? Can you find their staff on LinkedIn with a multitude of and varied experience in the field of Behavioral Health? 

Billing System: A billing system that focuses on easy setup for direct billing to many payers within the application but also offers built-in integration with clearinghouses for payment and eligibility checking so you spend less time in clearinghouse portals to process your billing. EHRs that have direct links to databases that house every insurance payers address, phone numbers, etc. which reduces the amount of time your practice needs to spend setting up the system, as well as, human error.  EHRs with tools that show you as a provider what your reimbursement rates should be across multiple insurance payers. 

The Genesis of Revenue Cycle Management for Behavioral Health with Dr. Trina Young Greer

GenesisAssistOn our quest to find revenue cycle management firms that uphold the ethical standards, fiscal responsibility, mature leadership, and seasoned personnel we at everythingEHR are grateful to have met the team at Genesis Assist and Genesis Counseling Center. As we work with the best-in-class Behavioral Health EHR vendors, it became imperative to also find billing and practice management firms that compliment our other recommended service providers. 

It is our pleasure today to interview Dr. Trina Young Greer who is the founder of a multi-site and thriving behavioral health agency in Virginia. She is also one of the founders of Genesis Assist: a practice management and revenue cycle management organization. 

Her journey as an entrepreneur is inspiring and we are proud to introduce her team and principals to our listeners, clients, and colleagues. Please join us on Mental Health News Radio for an informative and necessary look into what it takes to run a successful mental health practice, one that also inspires and guides many other agencies on their own journey to success.



Grant Funding for Behavioral Health: An Interview with Karen Celedonia

KarenCeledoniaFundingAn often under appreciated area of Behavioral Health is the grant writing process. Many of the agencies we work with are not-for-profit and always looking for help maintaining their existing grants as well as obtaining funding from new sources. We met Karen Celedonia through our colleague Theresa Wray. Working on projects together to support mental health agencies, we knew we needed to interview Karen and introduce her work to our providers. Please enjoy her wisdom and how her firm can help your Behavioral Health organization on Mental Health News Radio.




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