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Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT): Dr. Ross Ellenhorn on MHNR

Join our host Kristin Walker as she interviews Dr. Ross Ellenhorn of Dr. Ellenhorn and his former partner, Dr.  Madhavl Prakash, founded Prakash Ellenhorn, now Ellenhorn, with the goal of  synergizing their expertise and experience to create a private, state-of–the–art PACT program.  Not only will you learn about Ellenhorn, a facility that embraces a holistic and psychosocial perspective, but you will also learn about the man that runs a vibrant, energized organization that is innovative,  flexible, thoughtful, and provides individualized treatment planning for clients .  Dr. Ellenhorn is the first person to receive a joint Ph.D. from the prestigious Florence Heller School for Social Welfare Policy and Management and the Department of Sociology at Brandeis University. After the interview, you will understand that this first won’t be his last.



Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melissa Richards, Counselor and Guest on Empowered Empaths

big-laugh-no-sweater-copyAfter earning a master’s degree in professional counseling from Liberty University in Virginia, Melissa Richards moved to Tampa, Florida, where she encountered a variety of populations and concerns in her many hours of training to become a licensed mental health counselor. Coincidentally, Tampa is also the birthplace of her first foray into private practice: otherwise known as Restoration Counseling Center.While she continues to practice today (though now based in Miami), Melissa enjoys any opportunity she’s offered that allows her to expand her counseling reach and notes the honor and joy she receives from “walking alongside so many hurting people.” That includes writing articles and speaking to larger audiences through various conferences or podcasts—and as of this summer, it also includes joining the Mental Health News Radio team.

The Art of Empathy: An Interview with Karla McLaren

emotion-dynamics-330-x-132How can we create a healthy workplace for health and healing professionals?

Study after study confirms that health and healing professionals who demonstrate empathy provide better care with higher patient/client satisfaction. However, empathic burnout and compassion fatigue are a constant presence in the working lives of health professionals.



Dan Griffin on his NCAD Message about Men’s Trauma

Furthering a “Trauma-Enlightened” Conversation

dangriffinDan Griffin, an author and international expert on men and trauma, has a bone to pick with the behavioral healthcare system, and he’s not afraid of how controversial it may sound. “I don’t think it’s men who are failing treatment; I think it’s we who are failing them,” he said recently in an interview with Kristin Walker on Mental Health News Radio—one that proved provocative in its candid discussion of gender, the danger of man rules’ rigidity, and the concept of conscious masculinity. Listen to a list of all of Dan’s podcasts:

7/13/2016 The Man Rules: Real Men, Real Recovery with Dan Griffin

8/12/2016 Sex in the 21st Century: An Interview with Rob Weiss and Dan Griffin

9/8/2016 Dan Griffin and Kristin Sunanta Walker Keepin’ It Real: Mental Health News Radio

9/9/2016 What is Spiritual Abuse? A Conversation with Dr. Jamie Marich

9/18/2016 The Man in the Mirror – The Truth about Body Image and Men

10/6/2016 The Journey of the Sensitive Male with Dan Griffin and Kristin Sunanta Walker

10/11/2016 What is Misandry and How Is It Impacting Your Life?

10/17/2016 The Language of Gender: Beck Gee-Cohen and Dan Griffin on MHNR

10/20/2016 Men and Extramarital Affairs: Dan Griffin and Kristin Walker Talk About Why

12/04/2016 The Presidential Gender Effect with Dan Griffin and Kristin Sunanta Walker

12/11/2016 The Both And: What is it about Men and Women? Dan Griffin and Kristin Walker

12/26/2016 Wendy Behary on Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Under Fire and On Point!


Soul Contracts and Pathological Abuse: Sandra L. Brown, M.A. & Martha Juchnowski

41YdWg0CMPL._AC_US160_Join the founder of Sandra L. Brown, M.A. (Author of Women Who Love Psychopaths) and healer Martha Juchnowski examining the role of soul contracts and soul connections in relationship to Pathological Love Relationships (Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths). Our host Kristin Sunanta Walker moderates the discussion between these two incredible women as they delve into a discussion that not all survivors may be ready to explore.



Please enjoy Sandra’s first interview on Mental Health News Radio here



Empowered Empaths: Sexual Energy and Body Objectification

mhnr-empoweringJoin our very own Melanie Vann, clinician Melissa Richards, and host Kristin Sunanta Walker on our Empowered Empath Series. Today we talk about sexual energy, using it wisely, and how a narcissist uses this as way to wound whereas an unempowered empath can use it out of being wounded. Important to know the difference! And important to know how to be mindful, as an Empath, of how your sexual history will have an impact on your life.



What is an Empath and What is UP with Mental Health News Radio!

mhnr-empoweringJoin counselor and Marketing/Business Development Director Melanie Vann and our CEO and Host Kristin Sunanta Walker as they talk about how an organization of empaths work together for the greater good of Behavioral Health.  






Up Close and Personal: Counselor Melissa Richards Talks Narcissistic Personality Disorder

restorationWe have interviewed leading experts in the field of personality disorders. Each guest brings a fresh perspective and counselor Melissa Richards is no exception. Melissa has a wonderful way of stating the obvious with some punch. As all survivors of narcissistic abuse know, sometimes it takes a punch in order for us to get unshackled from those trauma bonds. Join Melissa and I for some frank talk about narcissistic personality disorder and the road to recovery.



Empaths Are Here to Save the World: Dr. Judith Orloff on Mental Health News Radio

Power.of.Surrender.250Dr. Judith Orloff joins us on Mental Health News Radio. Her new book The Power of Surrender and her upcoming workshop in Big Sur, Ca: Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition were on our minds. As our guests know, each show is a journey. Dr. Orloff rolled with it because that is who she is and we got into the topic on the minds of all of our listeners: Empaths.

Join us on the empath super highway with Dr. Judith Orloff.



Body Image and Narcissism – What is an Empath with Kim Saeed of

NoContactKimSaeedJoin us for an hour with Kim Saeed of Kim is doing some incredible work in the field of narcissistic abuse recovery. We are excited to spread the news and talk about how body image plays a role in being a target of narcissistic abuse, what being an empath means, and how to protect yourself from emotional predators. 






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