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Samaritan Institute Conference 2015: How to Vet and Implement a Behavioral Health EHR

Samaritan Institute LogoEvery year the Samaritan Institute holds their annual conference. The talk tracks this year focused heavily on tele-behavioral health as well as EHR selection, implementation and clinical workflow. Our CEO, Kristin Walker, was asked to present with Dr. Carol Pitts on electronic health records. The sessions were full and they had a line of people waiting to talk to each of them at the conclusion of the presentations.

The importance of working with vendors that have the proper credentials in behavioral health was part of the discussion. They also discussed the travails but necessary journey of moving from a Behavioral Health EHR that ceases to meet the needs of a behavioral health agency to one that is designed as an enterprise-wide and browser-based EHR.

Where Behavioral Health EHR Vendors are Missing In Action: An Interview with Doug Edwards

Behavioral health EHR Vendors

Our guest today is Doug Edwards, Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Behavioral Healthcare division. Anyone who’s anyone in Behavioral Healthcare knows who Doug is and the publications he manages (Behavioral Healthcare and Addiction Professional Magazines). Because Doug has his pulse on our favorite healthcare segment, we asked him to share some secrets, ideas, what’s trending, and where EHR vendors are M.I.A. in the marketplace. While we cover the list of questions we reference below, Doug went far beyond this list. You’ll just have to tune in and take notes!



Welcome James C. Murphy to everythingEHR: Senior Information Security Specialist

jcm-orig-bw-2008Jim is an IT Security consultant with 30+ years’ experience, predominantly in healthcare. He was introduced to us by one of our excellent Behavioral Health EHR vendors: Integrity Support. He recently retired from the State of North Carolina, where his last position was Senior Information Security Specialist within the Office of Internal Audit (OIA) in the NC DHHS. He provided information security expertise for audit planning, follow-up review of previous audits and assisted in system access management and updating the OIA business continuity plan. Earlier he was the Information Security Architect in the Office of MMIS Services of NC DHHS, providing information security consulting for major development projects, including the NCTracks system, and the State Health Information Network planning project. Prior to, Jim was a HIPAA Security consultant at the UNC Health Care System; assisting in risk analyses, documentation, and BC/DR planning.  He also directed IT technology for UNC School of Public Health and lent his expertise as a consultant to leading Electronic Health Record vendors. 

He is a member of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Raleigh Chapter, and the North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA), serving on the Privacy and Security Work Group (PSWG), and co-founded the Health Care IT-IS Internal Auditors Task Force (HCIIA) under the PSWG. He was also a contributing author for the (ISC)2 HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) offered earlier in 2014.  Jim has written (published), taught and spoken on information security management, service continuity, security auditing and security certification training to diverse audiences. Jim has an MS in Information Science from the UNC School of Information and Library Science, and holds GSEC, CISSP, ISSMP, CISA and CISM certifications.

Buyouts and Sub Specialties: Kristin Walker and TechnologyAdvice Ride the Wave of the Latest EHR Trends

11401383_297165643803034_5221908511618497696_nKristin Walker, founder of everythingEHR, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share her insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology as it relates to Behavioral Healthcare. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

Enjoy their write up and the Podcast here.  We were also excited to interview Charles “Drew” Settles, Product Analyst with TechnologyAdvice. He joined us on Mental Health News Radio. Please enjoy his interview here.

Why We Become Therapists and How to Remain One: Tips for Overcoming Burnout and Malcontent

freedom-of-soulI remember the day I knew I would have a career in the helping field: It was a day like any other in first grade. As I stood in line with all my classmates, our janitor, Mr. Johnson, walked past. His familiar gimp accompanied him, as it always did, with one leg lagging behind him while the opposite arm swayed oddly.

To my dismay, the entire class snickered and called out insults, which—right or wrong—was the popular response by those around me. However, being the empath I am, I just sank inside. A pit the size of a kickball grew in my stomach and I just had to do something to ease his pain. Not having the tools then that I have now, I didn’t know what else to do. So I waved, smiled. A simple token of kindness that would foretell my future as a therapist. I knew then that I could not tolerate human suffering and that I had a gift within me to help ease it.

Copy of 2.0 List

We have seen all too often many Behavioral Health providers and organizations leap into an EHR purchase without really looking at the EHRs that are being presented.  Please feel free to use the guideline below and contact us before you make your Behavioral Health EHR purchase.

Ask for your EHR demos to be recorded and sent to you. Watch them after the live demo and use the list below as a guide. If the demo is not how the EHR really is once you start using it: Make a change quickly! 

Making the Big Behavioral Health EHR Switch: Care and Counseling Center of Georgia


What is a Community Mental Health organization to do when it is time to make the switch from one Behavioral Health EHR to another?

They start planning.

They outline what isn’t working about their current system and plan out their goals for transitioning to a new EHR that can better handle their needs. Sometimes the first jump into an electronic health record system is successful only in that it transitions the agency off a paper-based system and educates the staff about what kinds of features they want in a new system.

Identifying Problematic CEO Archetypes

cropped-ipad-art-wide-437029053-420x0In over 20 years as a business consultant, I’ve encountered many different CEO archetypes, come across quite possibly every form they can take—both the great and the grateful as well as the overcompensating and the underperforming. For the good with the bad, I will forever be grateful because what I have learned from these experiences has afforded me a wealth of lessons that act as riches I can not only use myself but also pass along to future clients and colleagues from here on out.

Welcome Melanie Vann, M.A. Counseling Psychology, Behavioral Health HIPAA Instructor

Please join us in welcoming Melanie Vann to everythingEHR. Melanie is working with our Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers and Public Behavioral Health Centers on HIPAA compliance and training. She works onsite with practices taking a view of all departments from administrative staff to the clinical team to make sure all processes are being followed that are specific to a behavioral health environment. 

Melanie joins us on Mental Health News Radio to discuss her love of animal-assisted therapy. She’s also our Creative Director, handling all of our marketing efforts for everythingEHR and our advocacy radio show. We could not do all that we do without her!



The Battle of Behavioral Health EHRs: Should We Cringe or Laugh?


Oh the travails of Behavioral Health EHR vendors! Sometimes they are cringe worthy from what is appropriate marketing material to how slow and outdated a product actually is and how that impacts a mental health agency. 

We do love technology and so appreciate the vendors that service behavioral health with integrity, innovation, maturity, and best-in-class products and services. 

Today we interview our CEO, Kristin Walker.  She has a lot to say about electronic health record vendors and revenue cycle management companies that service Behavioral Health. It’s no-holds-barred as usual and we’ll discuss just who has access to patient mental health records from Revenue Cycle Management organizations to Electronic Health Record vendors. We’ll shine a spotlight on why this is important to agencies and providers. 

She also answers questions from our listeners about what she does, why she does it, and why her radio show and Behavioral Health are her passions.




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