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Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melissa Richards, Counselor and Guest on Empowered Empaths

big-laugh-no-sweater-copyAfter earning a master’s degree in professional counseling from Liberty University in Virginia, Melissa Richards moved to Tampa, Florida, where she encountered a variety of populations and concerns in her many hours of training to become a licensed mental health counselor. Coincidentally, Tampa is also the birthplace of her first foray into private practice: otherwise known as Restoration Counseling Center.While she continues to practice today (though now based in Miami), Melissa enjoys any opportunity she’s offered that allows her to expand her counseling reach and notes the honor and joy she receives from “walking alongside so many hurting people.” That includes writing articles and speaking to larger audiences through various conferences or podcasts—and as of this summer, it also includes joining the Mental Health News Radio team.

The Art of Empathy: An Interview with Karla McLaren

emotion-dynamics-330-x-132How can we create a healthy workplace for health and healing professionals?

Study after study confirms that health and healing professionals who demonstrate empathy provide better care with higher patient/client satisfaction. However, empathic burnout and compassion fatigue are a constant presence in the working lives of health professionals.



Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melanie Vann, Counseling and Program Director

We start with our Program Director, resident counselor, and Marketing & Advocacy Director, Melanie Vann. 

A trained behavioral health expert who’s innately intrigued by all that people come to endure during their lifetime, Melanie Vann has been working with Mental Health News Radio and everythingEHR since May 2015. Over the past year and change, her role with the MHNR team has evolved considerably, as she moved quickly from small marketing tasks to a more prominent role in show hosting and management.

Whether she’s on-air co-hosting or behind the scenes vetting guests or writing her next blog post, Melanie draws on her years in private practice as a counselor, life coach, and equine therapist to bring to light the hottest topics of behavioral health today. For more on what makes Melanie tick—and what’s to come regarding her role at MHNR—keep reading.

Dan Griffin on his NCAD Message about Men’s Trauma

Furthering a “Trauma-Enlightened” Conversation

dangriffinDan Griffin, an author and international expert on men and trauma, has a bone to pick with the behavioral healthcare system, and he’s not afraid of how controversial it may sound. “I don’t think it’s men who are failing treatment; I think it’s we who are failing them,” he said recently in an interview with Kristin Walker on Mental Health News Radio—one that proved provocative in its candid discussion of gender, the danger of man rules’ rigidity, and the concept of conscious masculinity. Listen to a list of all of Dan’s podcasts:

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10/6/2016 The Journey of the Sensitive Male with Dan Griffin and Kristin Sunanta Walker

10/11/2016 What is Misandry and How Is It Impacting Your Life?

10/17/2016 The Language of Gender: Beck Gee-Cohen and Dan Griffin on MHNR

10/20/2016 Men and Extramarital Affairs: Dan Griffin and Kristin Walker Talk About Why

12/04/2016 The Presidential Gender Effect with Dan Griffin and Kristin Sunanta Walker

12/11/2016 The Both And: What is it about Men and Women? Dan Griffin and Kristin Walker

12/26/2016 Wendy Behary on Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Under Fire and On Point!



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