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mhnr-empoweringJoin counselor and Marketing/Business Development Director Melanie Vann and our CEO and Host Kristin Sunanta Walker as they talk about how an organization of empaths work together for the greater good of Behavioral Health.  






Up Close and Personal: Counselor Melissa Richards Talks Narcissistic Personality Disorder

restorationWe have interviewed leading experts in the field of personality disorders. Each guest brings a fresh perspective and counselor Melissa Richards is no exception. Melissa has a wonderful way of stating the obvious with some punch. As all survivors of narcissistic abuse know, sometimes it takes a punch in order for us to get unshackled from those trauma bonds. Join Melissa and I for some frank talk about narcissistic personality disorder and the road to recovery.



From Trauma to Joy: An Interview with Dr. Shannon South

Dr Shannon SouthWhen I met Dr. Shannon South the first thing I noticed was that she just radiates joy. We became fast friends and were the loudest people in the corner of a quiet little restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina. She has the best belly laugh and doesn’t hide it which is so refreshing. She joins us on Mental Health News Radio to talk about her work as a counselor, her books, her play workshops, and how to radiate Joy!



Empaths Are Here to Save the World: Dr. Judith Orloff on Mental Health News Radio

Power.of.Surrender.250Dr. Judith Orloff joins us on Mental Health News Radio. Her new book The Power of Surrender and her upcoming workshop in Big Sur, Ca: Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition were on our minds. As our guests know, each show is a journey. Dr. Orloff rolled with it because that is who she is and we got into the topic on the minds of all of our listeners: Empaths.

Join us on the empath super highway with Dr. Judith Orloff.



Body Image and Narcissism – What is an Empath with Kim Saeed of

NoContactKimSaeedJoin us for an hour with Kim Saeed of Kim is doing some incredible work in the field of narcissistic abuse recovery. We are excited to spread the news and talk about how body image plays a role in being a target of narcissistic abuse, what being an empath means, and how to protect yourself from emotional predators. 





The Difference Between Shame and Depression: Hilary Jacobs Hendel

HILLARYHaving the article It’s Not Always Shame, Sometimes It’s Depression written by our next guest, Hilary Jacobs Hendel, come across my desk was a serendipitous event. We had no idea this article was one of the New York Times most popular articles in 2015. Hilary joins us on Mental Health News Radio to talk about her upcoming book, her work as a counselor, and her time as the mental health consultant for Mad Men.

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Social Distancing: Breaking Down the Barriers of Mental Health Stigma with KidsPeace

KidsPeacelogoKidsPeace came on our radar while we were researching organizations that offer family support for autism treatment. Little did we know how incredible and expansive this organization is and how they are serving all of the needs with their Behavioral Health services. Join Chis Ferry and Robert Martin for some awareness, some enlightenment, and some positive action towards reducing mental health stigma.




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