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More For Your Practice with Dr. David Lischner of Vālant Behavioral Health EHR


Dr. David Lischner, CEO and spokesperson of Vālant, an EHR that serves Behavioral Healthcare professionals and practices, discusses his SaaS EHR and how it uniquely benefits behavioral healthcare providers. Dr. Lischner is a practicing psychiatrist, co-founder and CEO of the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle, a 25+ provider group practice. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Washington, David completed his internship at the University of Pennsylvania and then returned to the University of Washington for specialty training in psychiatry.

Electronic Health Record systems for Behavioral Health Medical Practices are a special niche. Dr. David Lischner talks about what his company offers the behavioral healthcare provider that is looking for an EHR that meets their needs. David is CEO of and spokesperson for Valant, an EHR software solution designed by and for behavioral healthcare professionals.  


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Enjoy our show with Dr. Alvin McKlean of John F. Kennedy University whose chosen EHR for the Doctoral Psychology program was Valant Behavioral Health EHR.

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Behavioral Health EHR Demo Trickery: An Interview with Kristin Walker


Confused by which Behavioral Health electronic health record system you should purchase for your organization? Many sales demos are not very helpful; in fact, they are full of trickery. Join our CEO, Kristin Walker as she pulls back the curtain and reveals what’s really behind all the bells and whistles that your Behavioral Health EHR vendor is trying to persuade you to buy.



Have further questions? Make sure you contact our team before you make that all important purchase. Having issues with your current mental health EHR?  Maybe it is time to switch.  Kristin and her team of clinical advisors can guide you through the process.

Which Behavioral Health EHR Does Your Practice Deserve?


We were recently asked to describe the moment in our personal journey into the world of behavioral health electronic health record software and record cycle management where we stopped simply selling and became true provider advocates.  

How did this happen?  

Why did this happen?

In our research it had become apparent that the behavioral healthcare market was not likely to be the most profitable.  As a matter of fact we learned that many EHR vendors avoid serving this community entirely.  Although there may be many reasons, one obvious factor is that it’s patients may not be among the wealthiest of the patient communities.  In fact, insurance reimbursements are lower than many other segments.  Mental health advocates feel that the rules and regulations they must follow are often stringent and highly-regulated.  It is definitely a niche market. 

Artie Haraway Your Good Neighbor in Community Mental Health

GN logo 1000 picYou would be lucky to have Artie Haraway as your neighbor. Good Neighbor Community Services is on the cutting edge of recreating the human services industry. “Creating A New Way of Life” is the company slogan which encompasses their desire to bring out the best in the individuals and families they serve. Good Neighbor’s wrap around approach to behavioral health care, state of the art day programs, and ID Waiver group homes makes them the standard to which every health care agency aspires. Listen in to hear Artie Haraway, Good Neighbor’s Director of Marketing and Outreach, talk about the exciting new ventures they are about to embark on.  You will hear how his marketing efforts helped build this bar none agency and how their work in telepsychiatry inspired an invitation from the Discovery Channel.



An Interview with John Hallock and Lindsey Phillips of CareCloud

carecloud-logo-whiteWhy should healthcare providers and organizations care about using an EHR that is Meaningful Use certified?  It speaks to the longevity of a software vendor that they would go through the rigors of certification. Our hats are off to any EHR company that passes certification.  It is a rigorous task and very expensive. Consumers should peel back those layers and make sure what was done to the product isn’t “just enough” to pass.  Check out our CEO’s article on the CareCloud website here about the trials and tribulations of Behavioral Health


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