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Measuring Success: Behavioral Health Outcome Measurements and the Affordable Care Act

Sustainability and Structure

CairnThere are many factors contributing to the changes we see occurring within mental and behavioral health care: policy, resources, emerging technology and modalities, not to mention the day to day needs of both staff and clients. Adroitly providing service within this atmosphere of change is a central challenge for any practice.

To do so with stability – and sustainability – recognizes the utility of having a measurement strategy that is easy to use, reliable, and relevant. Emerging Behavioral Health Outcome Management (BHOM) technology offers just this type of strategy for programs to confidently step forward and meet evolving client as well as organizational needs. And finding a BHOM that works for your practice lends your organization authority by demonstrating in measureable terms your successes and ability to make relevant changes.

Online Psychotherapy and Groups: The Wave of the Future

rgt logoMore and more people are looking to the Internet for help of all kinds, including issues related to health and well-being.  There are many barriers faced when seeking psychological help. Working online reduces travel hassles and time, potential parking challenges, childcare issues, and provides access for those with mobility difficulties. 


 Join us on Mental Health News Radio as we interview Dr. Pec Indman to discuss this important topic.

Mental Health News Radio: An Interview with Steven Welch, LCSW on African-American Mental Wellness

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Steven P. Welch LCSW-R, ACSW, CASAC about his work, his passions, and his support of the mental health community.  Our discussion focused on African-American Mental Health.





Watch Steven on his interview with Beyond Focus Media.

Mental Health News Radio: An Interview with Jill Queen of Cardinal Innovations and NC Tide

JillQueenJill Queen is the Regional Quality Manager for Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Solutions and President of North Carolina Training, Instruction, Development and Education (NC TIDE), one of North Carolina’s premier training organizations for the behavioral healthcare industry.




My Inner Human by Craig Lewis

My Inner Human

CRAIGLEWISI am a person who has learned many maladaptive ways to cope with the more challenging parts of life that I face. I know that countless times I have made poor decisions in how I have handled situations and often, as a result, I have suffered or my quality of life has suffered. These life lessons that are necessary to teach us how to live happy, stable and satisfying lives often are learned via hardship and struggle. In this my inaugural blog for Mental Health News Radio, I would like to share with you an amazing experience that I had yesterday. I think you are going to like it; I sure as heck am on cloud nine about it.

So, recently my partner and I moved into a new apartment. This is my first time ever moving in with a mate and I am happy to share that our home is one of harmony. As we live in the 21st century, it was necessary to have the local cable and internet provider come and install our service. This process of dealing with such a monstrous bureaucracy is quite unpleasant for me. I don’t particularly need or appreciate the massive degree of pleasantries that are forced on me by the customer service representatives. I prefer to get to the point or the issue, resolve it and get on with my day. Therefore, before I am even able to express the crux of whatever it is I have called about, I start to feel agitated.  I have no doubt that some of you who are reading this know what I am talking about.

Myles the Therapy Dog Back at Work


This is a tired dog. Myles had a few months off from therapy dog work. After his first visit back, he headed straight for his bed. Our family has been grieving the passing of my father in February of this year and volunteer work went by the wayside for a short while. We tried getting back to it before we were really ready but that didn’t last long. There is nothing as motivating as the hospital calling and begging you to come for a visit, “The patients miss you both, please come back.” Even those requests had to be ignored. I finally sent an email to the director of the behavioral health unit letting him know what was going on, “I am sorry but my father died and the entire family is devastated. I am in shock. Myles is working overtime at home for all of us. I just don’t have it in me to show up right now.”

This is the great thing about working with counselors.  They get it.  There is no conversation about feelings or life circumstance that you can’t have and discuss. He was, of course, supportive and told me to take all the time I needed. Myles and I are welcome back as soon as we are ready. About three Fridays ago we were finally ready.  

Artie Haraway Your Good Neighbor in Community Mental Health

GN logo 1000 picYou would be lucky to have Artie Haraway as your neighbor. Good Neighbor Community Services is on the cutting edge of recreating the human services industry. “Creating A New Way of Life” is the company slogan which encompasses their desire to bring out the best in the individuals and families they serve. Good Neighbor’s wrap around approach to behavioral health care, state of the art day programs, and ID Waiver group homes makes them the standard to which every health care agency aspires. Listen in to hear Artie Haraway, Good Neighbor’s Director of Marketing and Outreach, talk about the exciting new ventures they are about to embark on.  You will hear how his marketing efforts helped build this bar none agency and how their work in telepsychiatry inspired an invitation from the Discovery Channel.



Pitfalls and Pratfalls: CEO Archetypes 2.0

I have worked for over twenty years as a business consultant with every type of CEO imaginable.  I will be forever grateful for what I have learned.  The greatest of these is that the driving force that makes or breaks any organization is the Chief Executive Officer.  There are many ways CEO’s can be described.  Since I have worked with over 1,000 of them I have a pretty good idea about what works and what doesn’t.  Below is a short list of some basic descriptors to be mindful of since every CEO can fall into any one of these categories from time-to-time or into all of them:


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