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Meet the Faces of Mental Health News Radio: Melanie Vann, Counseling and Program Director

We start with our Program Director, resident counselor, and Marketing & Advocacy Director, Melanie Vann. 

A trained behavioral health expert who’s innately intrigued by all that people come to endure during their lifetime, Melanie Vann has been working with Mental Health News Radio and everythingEHR since May 2015. Over the past year and change, her role with the MHNR team has evolved considerably, as she moved quickly from small marketing tasks to a more prominent role in show hosting and management.

Whether she’s on-air co-hosting or behind the scenes vetting guests or writing her next blog post, Melanie draws on her years in private practice as a counselor, life coach, and equine therapist to bring to light the hottest topics of behavioral health today. For more on what makes Melanie tick—and what’s to come regarding her role at MHNR—keep reading.

Dr. Temple Grandin: Animals on the Mind with Mental Health News Radio

13226679_1182405155116658_5642803306336960491_nJoin us for a live interview with Dr. Temple Grandin at The Institute for Human Animal Connection conference: Animals on the Mind at the University of Denver. 



000000002Born on August 29, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts, Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. She has become a leading advocate for autistic communities and has also written books and provided consultation on the humane treatment of animals. In 2010, HBO released an Emmy Award winning film on Grandin’s life.








Human Animal Connection


Join us for radio shows at The Institute for Human Animal Connection at the University of Denver. 

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 For an edgier look at Behavioral Health join us on our new show Mental Health After Dark!

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 To be considered for the show, please email us your bio and availability for a pre-show interview.

kristin-06f2cdfd87Kristin Sunanta Walker

Host, Mental Health News Radio

CEO, everythingEHR


Institute for Human-Animal Connection: Phillip Tedeschi on Mental Health

ihaclogorzOur guest today, Phillip Tedeschi, was referred to us by Jeff Fink of Go Fetch Wellness. Jeff was a student at the University of Denver and proud to share what he learned about The Institute for Human-Animal Connection

The Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) is a center for the study of the interrelationship and health of people, animals and the environment. Phillip joins us to talk about the institute, their upcoming conference (we’ll be doing live broadcasts with some of their presenters such as Temple Grandin, Aubrey Fine, and Richard Louv) in May of 2016. 

Join us for a chat with Phillip on Mental Health News Radio!


Go Fetch Wellness: Jeff Fink on the Mental Health and Canine Connection

One of our favorite subjects here on Mental Health News Radio is how animals can be used to positively impact mental wellness. Jeff Fink, founder of Go Fetch Wellnessearlpuppyvest joins us to discuss his work and the positive impact he and his therapy dog Earl are having in Behavioral Health.




Therapy Dogs Working with Special Needs Kids in the Classroom

buddyandmylesMost of our listeners and readers know all about Myles the Therapy Dog. He’s been in parades, traveled all over the United States, and logged miles of visits in outpatient and inpatient mental health organizations. He’s also worked at schools in special needs classrooms. We added his younger brother, Buddy, to the program as Myles got older. Buddy does most of the ball catching and delivering while Myles makes rounds to each patient or student so they can pet him and give him treats.

Right from the Horses Mouth: Equine Assisted Therapy with Mental Health Patients Works!


Join us for a discussion about the therapeutic benefits of using horses in Behavioral Health therapy. All of us at Mental Health News Radio are animal lovers with a passion for animal-assisted therapy. Our very own Melanie Vann will be co-hosting a series of radio shows interviewing the passionate human beings that devote their time to this unique therapeutic effort. Our guests, Kristin Fitzgerald and Melanie Vann, discuss the benefits, roots, and models for Equine Assisted Therapy. More information is included in their accompanying blog article.

We’ve never done a show like this one!  

blog-talk-radioListen to the show!  

Welcome Melanie Vann, M.A. Counseling Psychology, Behavioral Health HIPAA Instructor

Please join us in welcoming Melanie Vann to everythingEHR. Melanie is working with our Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers and Public Behavioral Health Centers on HIPAA compliance and training. She works onsite with practices taking a view of all departments from administrative staff to the clinical team to make sure all processes are being followed that are specific to a behavioral health environment. 

Melanie joins us on Mental Health News Radio to discuss her love of animal-assisted therapy. She’s also our Creative Director, handling all of our marketing efforts for everythingEHR and our advocacy radio show. We could not do all that we do without her!




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