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Complimentary HIPAA educational Webinars: The Compliancy Group and Behavioral Health

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HIPAA_SealRGB-1Complimentary HIPAA educational webinar, Lessons and Examples from 2016’s HIPAA Breaches and Fines

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2016 was a record year in the history of HIPAA enforcement. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) levied almost $24 million in fines last year alone, making it the most expensive year in fines since enforcement began.

With such heightened scrutiny, behavioral health professionals can prevent these violations and associated fines by learning from some of the 2016 settlements:

• Advocate Health Care, $5.55M – OCR levied the largest fine against a single entity in its history of enforcement. OCR found that Advocate had not implemented effective policies and procedures, executed business associate agreements (BAAs), or properly encrypted a laptop that was involved in the breach.

• Catholic Health Care Services of Philadelphia, $650,000 – OCR levied a fine against a nursing facilities’ business associate, stressing the importance for healthcare professionals to have BAAs in place. This was the first time that a business associate has ever been singled out for an OCR settlement.

• Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), $2.7M – OHSU had conducted 6 risk assessments, but the organization’s “widespread vulnerabilities” were significant enough to warrant this major fine. This fine proves more than anything else that security risk assessments are not sufficient to guard practices against OCR enforcement.

Implementing a HIPAA solution that addresses the full extent of the law is the best way to protect your practice from similar violations. Compliancy Group helps simplify compliance for behavioral health professionals, so that they can confidently focus on running their practice or organization.

To learn more about the HIPAA violations and some of the significant fines that were levied in 2016, register for the upcoming HIPAA educational webinar, Lessons and Examples from 2016’s HIPAA Breaches and Fines.




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