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Behavioral Health EHR Must Ask Questions 2.0

words-displays-to-information-truth-theory-and-fact-100264511It All Begins Before You Start Demos

  • The research and demo process can tell you almost everything you need to know about an EHR vendor. Do you have the time and the staff to traverse this rocky road on your own?
  • If this isn’t your first rodeo with an EHR, work with vendors that have nothing to hide
  • Avoid vendors that shout out in their marketing material how honest they are, would never hold your data hostage, etc. – professionals don’t need to make these claims in their material
  • There’s a diagnosis code for this kind of behavior

EHR Software Demonstration Tips and Tricks 2.0: What Providers Need to Watch Out For

evehr magician

Is your EHR demo a whole lot of hocus pocus?

Choosing the right behavioral health EHR is one of the most important decisions a mental health organization will make.

Before you dive into purchasing the software that will be running your practice make sure the vendor providing the demo is not really a magician. In our time spent only selling mental health EHRs, we have done demos exactly as trained by the creators of the products. We found out later this was horrendously misleading and when we started doing demonstrations of the products exactly as they worked, sales of these EHRs slowed down to a trickle. As they should.

everythingEHR has been reviewing behavioral health EHRs for the past few years. Many of our clients from mental health billers to behavioral health providers have come to rely on our EHR knowledge to help them during the often painful process of selecting a system that will ultimately run their practice. We have demoed more than forty behavioral health EHRs. Some are 100% mental health focused and others serve many sectors of health care and include a behavioral health component. We found that the process of vetting EHR vendors can and should be a time-consuming journey but often filled with missteps and some landmines. Our clients always report a serious reduction in anxiety by having one of our advisers join them on each and every demo.

The Short List: Narrowing the scope of your Behavioral Health EHR search

shortlistAs a mental and behavioral healthcare practice ready to adopt or expand a paperless system, you might find yourself in new territory without a map.

While there is no one perfect catchall, forming a shortlist of vendors depends on understanding how important features of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology can meet the needs of your workplace. Assessing your needs, knowing what you are looking for, and being in the know about key features that systems offer saves you valuable time, energy – and in the long run – cost. The features listed below provide a good starting point in leading you in the right direction to find the EHR your practice needs.  We are also a phone call or email away if you would like a guide through this process. 

Credibility: Who are the founding members of the organization? Are they mental health providers that have created software that runs their own successful mental health agencies? Would the CEO or President be an invited speaker at a Behavioral Health conference to discuss something other than technology? What kind of contributions have the founding members created for Behavioral Health? Are they the face of the company? Can you find their staff on LinkedIn with a multitude of and varied experience in the field of Behavioral Health? 

Billing System: A billing system that focuses on easy setup for direct billing to many payers within the application but also offers built-in integration with clearinghouses for payment and eligibility checking so you spend less time in clearinghouse portals to process your billing. EHRs that have direct links to databases that house every insurance payers address, phone numbers, etc. which reduces the amount of time your practice needs to spend setting up the system, as well as, human error.  EHRs with tools that show you as a provider what your reimbursement rates should be across multiple insurance payers. 

Telepracticing in Behavioral Telehealth: An Interview with Dr. Marlene Maheu

marlene3I met today’s guest at the annual Samaritan Institute behavioral health conference. We were both session speakers and excited to collaborate in any way possible to support the sector of healthcare we are both immensely passionate about. My first thought after listening to Dr. Marlene Maheu was, “Why haven’t I met this powerhouse in person yet? She is the thought leader in telemental health.” Spend five minutes with her and you begin to grasp how much influence, passion, leadership and knowledge Dr. Maheu has about behavioral health in general but especially telebehavioral health. Take this journey with us to discover from the Executive Director of the Telemental Health Institute where technology is headed in relation to online behavioral health counseling.



Buyouts and Sub Specialties: Kristin Walker and TechnologyAdvice Ride the Wave of the Latest EHR Trends

11401383_297165643803034_5221908511618497696_nKristin Walker, founder of everythingEHR, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share her insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology as it relates to Behavioral Healthcare. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders.

Enjoy their write up and the Podcast here.  We were also excited to interview Charles “Drew” Settles, Product Analyst with TechnologyAdvice. He joined us on Mental Health News Radio. Please enjoy his interview here.

El Sabor Latino Para el Mundo Del Mercado de los EHR de Salud Mental

peru_mapEs un placer para todos aca en everythingEHR encontrar organizaciones que realmente se preocupen por la salud mental.  Uno de nuestros vendedores favoritos de sistema EHR es ClinicTracker, hecho por JAGProducts. En 2014, tuvimos la oportunidad de conocernos con todo el equipo de ClinicTracker en su oficina en Nueva York.  Quisimos conocer quienes son las personas que estan detras del escenario brindado esta excelente tecnologia a nuestro provedores de salud mental.

Hace unos años atras, que intentamos provocar a un pequeño vendedor de EHR a apoyar al mercado en Latinoamerica.  Desafortunadamente la tecnologia y la pasión no eran presente para cumplir acabo el Proyecto.  Pero las cosas buenas vienen a los que esperan!  Definitivamente valio la pena esperar a ClinicTracker, y su equipo y producto. 

Hemos invitado a Mateo Cullipher, quien lleva a cargo muchos puestos con for kristinClinicTracker (soporte tecnico, ventas, marketing, producción de videos – sigo con la lista?), a visitarnos en Mental Health News Radio.  Mateo fundo una ONG en Latinoamerica trabajando con varios grupos, incluyendo la población con necesidad de apoyo en salud mental.  Cuando compartimos la passion de Mateo por este sector y como el pasa su tiempo personal te va a inspirar.  Gente como Mateo son exactamente las personas que queremos para apoyarnos con nuestro records de salud mental.    Por favor disfrute de nuestra entrevista con Mateo y su blog revelador acerca de la salud mental y como se trata con esa sector en Sudamerica. 


 Listen to the show!

Behavioral Health Organization Efficiencies: Scott Lloyd, President MTM Services

MTM_Services_Header_1Scott Lloyd, the author of Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies: A Toolkit for Healthcare Organizations, works with an approach grounded in an accountable care philosophy.  Scott is the President of M.T.M Services and National Council for Behavioral Health Consultant. Scott’s work is focused on helping behavioral health care organizations analyze their performance data to establish system wide changes that work to improve the overall quality of the services being delivered.

blog-talk-radioListen to the show!

Bringing Some Latin Flavor to the Behavioral Health EHR Market

peru_mapA pleasure for all of us at everythingEHR is finding organizations that truly care about and have credibility in Behavioral Health.  One of our favorite EHR vendors is ClinicTracker by JAGProducts. We had the opportunity to meet their entire team in 2014 at their office in New York. We want to know who the people are that work behind the scenes to bring excellent technology to our mental health providers.  

We tried a few years ago to entice a small EHR vendor to embrace the Latin American market. Sadly the technology and passion just wasn’t there. Good things come to those who wait! ClinicTracker – their team and their product – was certainly worth waiting for.  

After our first experience with a Windows based Behavioral Health EHR it also took some convincing to support another one. We were all about browser based EHRs until our clients experienced the functionality, design and speed of ClinicTracker.  Their features list is unparalleled, they provide weekly updates and enhancements to the software, and the platform was created by a software engineer and clinical psychologist. It simply became too hard to ignore this product and their credible team.

We asked Matthew Cullipher who wears many hats at ClinicTracker (support, sales, marketing, video production – for kristinneed we go on?) to join us on Mental Health News Radio. Matt started a not-for-profit in Latin America working with their mental health population. Sharing Matt’s passion for this field and how he spends his personal time will inspire you. These are the kinds of people you want handling your mental health records. Please enjoy our interview with Matt and his enlightening article about how Mental Health is dealt with in South America.

blog-talk-radioListen to the show!

Read this article in Spanish!

Making the Big Behavioral Health EHR Switch: Care and Counseling Center of Georgia


What is a Community Mental Health organization to do when it is time to make the switch from one Behavioral Health EHR to another?

They start planning.

They outline what isn’t working about their current system and plan out their goals for transitioning to a new EHR that can better handle their needs. Sometimes the first jump into an electronic health record system is successful only in that it transitions the agency off a paper-based system and educates the staff about what kinds of features they want in a new system.

Browser Based Mental Health EHRs: Checkpoint by Integrity Support

Integrity-Logo_300x86We met the creators of Checkpoint by Integrity Support at a Behavioral Health Conference in 2014. The owners of the company sat through our entire presentation on Behavioral Health Technology without falling asleep or running out of the room screaming. We were impressed! The name of this Behavioral Health EHR stood out for us. They waited patiently at our booth to ask some additional questions and after five minutes we knew we had to work with this organization.

Integrity Support is a North Carolina based electronic health record software company created for Behavioral Health providers. They have a unique and browser-based product. The founding members are comprised of a clinical psychologist and software engineer.

We are proud to work with this organization, to have partnered them with some of our other great vendors, and to bring their EHR to the attention of our providers. 

blog-talk-radioJoin us for an interview on Blog Talk Radio with the company founders!


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