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Welcome Juliann Schaeffer to everythingEHR


Juliann Schaeffer is a freelance health writer and editor based outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Shortly after graduating with a bachelor of art’s degree in professional writing, Julie joined the team at Great Valley Publishing, where she climbed the editorial ranks for the next six years. During her time at Great Valley, Julie worked closely on a number of medical and health publications, namely For The Record, a national newsmagazine for health information professionals. Since turning her full attention to a freelance career two years ago, Julie continues to write for For The Record, on topics as varied as dictation, meaningful use, natural language processing, and all things EHR. Whether she’s writing for physicians, patients, healthcare companies, or the greater public, on navigating the latest health regulations or the EHR industry as a whole, Julie pairs her knowledge and affinity for science with a wordsmith skill set to ensure content that strikes the perfect balance of sources, science, and style.

Julie has joined forces with everythingEHR to bring her incredible writing skills to our clients. Our clientele, which includes EHR vendors, mental health organizations, investment firms, and other product and service organizations that work exclusively with behavioral health, rely on us to bring more visibility to this unique sector of the healthcare market. While we do much of our own writing, we needed to bring someone of Julie’s caliber, credentials, and experience on board. 

Enjoy some samples of Julie’s work below and feel free to email us for more information about how she can enhance your organization.

Samples of Juliann’s work

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