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CE Courses for Behavioral Health Providers

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ID-10051004CE Offerings from Person Centered Tech

Listen to our podcast with founder and Behavioral Health HIPAA Expert Roy Huggins, LPC

Digital Confidentiality LIVE Webinar Series (6 Ethics CE Hours Total)

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On-Demand Courses at The Zur Institute (various)

Resources to Understand HIPAA Security Compliance and the Risk Analysis Process

From the Feds

Guidance material on the HIPAA Security Rule for small providers

Guidance on risk analysis and risk management planning for small providers

Model Notice of Privacy Practices (“The HIPAA Form”)

HIPAA Compliance, Risk Analysis, and More

Risk Analysis and Risk Management Planning: Can You Do It Yourself?

Am I a HIPAA Covered Entity? How Much Does It Matter If I Am Or Not?

What Is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?

HIPAA “Safe Harbor” For Your Computer (the Ultimate In HIPAA Compliance): the Complete Guide

Clients Have the Right to Receive Unencrypted Emails Under HIPAA

New HIPAA Rules Are Here. Yay!

Online Data Backups and HIPAA Compliant Practice: A Government-Produced Monkey Wrench

Good Stuff Besides HIPAA

Initial Client Contact by Email: The 2014 ACA Code of Ethics vs. HIPAA (1st in a series)

Emailing and Texting Security vs. The ACA 2014 Code of Ethics (2nd in a Series)

Articles and Resources On Specific Pieces of Technology and Their Relationship to HIPAA Compliance

Extensive Resources Page on Security for Computers, Mobile Devices (phones and tablets), Encrypted Email, Secure Texting Apps, and more

Google and HIPAA Compliance: Gmail, Drive and Calendar Now Accessible For Health Care Professionals

iPhones, iPads and HIPAA-Compliant Practice: Locking Down Your Apple Device

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