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Psychology and Psychiatry Students: Tracking Clinical Hours with Time2Track

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brain“Losing track of time is a sign of a fully engaged brain.”
 – Author unknown

Rightly so…as students and professionals within mental and behavioral healthcare have plenty enough to think about without spending disproportionate time: tracking clinical hours, charting and completing analysis, compiling data into graphs and reports, following up with supervisors, meeting professional and student guidelines, and keeping client data clearly organized.  

The process can seem never ending.

Here at everythingEHR we know how important and challenging it can be to track clinical hours and store data with software while managing your practicum and curriculum requirements.   We also know how a clunky system – whether in school or the workplace – can eat hours of your day and deter you from what you truly love to do. 

On the Grow

EHR software in mental and behavioral healthcare workplaces and related school programs seem to be adapting at the speed of…well, never fast enough.  But given everythingEHR’s endless search for programs that are going to serve you as an educator or student AND as a professional (a value that is important to us) we can confidently say that the options are growing.

Not only this, but we are finding that the two – technology in the classroom and in the workplace – are increasingly linked.  This overlap is important emerging into the workplace are not only people adept and equipped at keeping up with innovations, but people who take innovations further by normalizing their use and redirecting the energies within therapeutic environments back to where its most needed – client services.

Most direct care counselors in the mental and behavioral health community know the headache of tracking clinical hours that need written approval by a supervisor.   Relatively new on the scene are online tracking programs that can be easily viewed and interfaced with by teachers, supervisors, and advisors.  For students or programs choosing top notch software important key features include:

  • supervisory access and the easy verification of hours
  • the ability to compile tracked data clearly
  • clear outlines of the professional-certification process

Grade ‘A’ Example: Time2Tracktime2track

At everythingEHR we believe this program exemplifies much of what students and schools have long been demanding from classroom software.  Time2Track, in operation for over ten years, is the industry leader.  Time2Track Analytics has worked with over 20,000 students in hundreds of programs, hold a 97% user satisfaction rating, and was created with the lofty vision of enabling institutions to harness their program’s clinical training data by creating the most powerful reporting tool of its class.

Move Beyond Basic Tracking

Time2Track is a pioneer of the management of clinical training data and the building of learning systems that help individuals and institutions in ways never before available.  And we share their belief that linking EHR software with classroom software is a vital development for the future of clinical training.

For the Students

Transforming clinical data into actionable information is vital both in and beyond school.  We believe Time2Track helps educators make informed, timely decisions that significantly improve their program’s quality of training and outcomes.  Their system makes easy the collecting of important data that can then be presented in various ways – either for annual reviews or the meeting of accreditation requirements.

APA Accreditation Requirements

On that note, we feel that Time2Track was designed with just these accreditation requirements in mind.  And by making this data easily obtainable, students and programs alike find the support they need to meet the necessary regulations related to clinical training thereby saving time, effort, and resources.

For example, in accordance with IR C-23: Diversity Education and Training, Time2Track has developed a simple means of discerning whether a student has met the requirement of  demonstrating clinical services to a diverse patient constituency according to outlined client characteristics.  With this system, students can easily track and present demographics data, demonstrating compliance with the educational goals cited in respective objectives and competencies.

For Educators and Supervisors

Time2Track Analytics greatly contributes to the future of clinical training.  With just a few clicks educational programs can track and quantify the training experience of their students and adapt along the way.  This powerful data driven program allows faculty administrators to monitor the quality and consistency of the clinical training experiences their students are receiving (i.e., on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester, or yearly basis).  With this information they can better demonstrate through actual outcome data that all students are:

  1. Placed in organized practicum settings that are clearly committed to training;
  2. Supervised using an adequate number of appropriate professionals;
  3. Provided a wide range of training and educational experiences.

Providing educators with a clear picture of the experiential training students are engaged in allows programs to shape and mold the quality of clinical training along the way – instead of waiting until end of year reports to implement changes.  Time2Track provides institutions all the tools necessary to manage, monitor, and control quality of training, right at their fingertips.

Consistency of Internship Experiences

Time2Track helps programs ensure consistency within both practicum and internship by collecting specific and aggregate data for clinical training experiences at each treatment setting/training site.  Tracking student hours along a variety of dimensions (i.e., interventions, assessment experience, supervision received, support activities, treatment settings, patient demographics, etc.) assists programs in demonstrating whether required practicum experiences have sufficiently prepared students for their internship.   Administrators may filter reports by cohort, date range, training site, and other options to pinpoint any problems or deficiencies, as well as areas where students are excelling. In addition, Time2Track provides programs with figures and graphs of how their students (individually and in aggregate) compare with other AAPI applicants.

approvedThumbs Up!

Programs that manage and track progress within clinical and related psychology programs are supporting professionals that emerge at the top of their game into the workforce.   We take pride at everythingEHR that we are assisting this process by sharing our findings of only the best in EHR software, out there and available.  We are presently working with Behavioral Health EHR vendors that link to Time2Track so that psychology and psychiatry academic programs will not only be able to use the best of EHR technology but link these with the best of clinical curriculum tracking software available.  

Questions?  We are here to help.



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