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The Battle of Behavioral Health EHRs: Should We Cringe or Laugh?

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Oh the travails of Behavioral Health EHR vendors! Sometimes they are cringe worthy from what is appropriate marketing material to how slow and outdated a product actually is and how that impacts a mental health agency. 

We do love technology and so appreciate the vendors that service behavioral health with integrity, innovation, maturity, and best-in-class products and services. 

Today we interview our CEO, Kristin Walker.  She has a lot to say about electronic health record vendors and revenue cycle management companies that service Behavioral Health. It’s no-holds-barred as usual and we’ll discuss just who has access to patient mental health records from Revenue Cycle Management organizations to Electronic Health Record vendors. We’ll shine a spotlight on why this is important to agencies and providers. 

She also answers questions from our listeners about what she does, why she does it, and why her radio show and Behavioral Health are her passions.



Hosted by Dawn Marie Westmoreland of The Empowered Whistle Blower. Some of the questions we cover are listed below:

Why Behavioral Health?
How do you ride what must be a very fine line between working with multiple Behavioral Health EHR vendors that are also competitors with each other?
How do you know who is winning deals and who isn’t?
How do you know who is losing clients and rapidly?
What do you say about Revenue Cycle Management firms?
How about Behavioral Health consulting firms?
How do you hear about agencies that are in need of help finding an EHR?
What are your thoughts about EHR vendors that outsource their implementations and product features?
Why do you have such strict criteria when it comes to vendors that service Behavioral Health?
Who do you work with in this field and how do you maintain those relationships?
Give us an example of two “sample” EHR vendors and why one is so successful and the other has barely moved an inch when they’ve been in business about the same length of time.
Why has anyone that’s been through narcissistic abuse so much more triggered by life in general?
Why do you think all your shows on narcissism are so popular?
You’ve created a new show called Mental Health After Dark.  Why?
Will you still be doing Mental Health News Radio?
Give us a slice into what your day is like in terms of your consulting business.
Why do you also do the radio show?
Do you still do animal assisted therapy?
What are some of the types of organizations you work with in your consulting business?
How do you answer all of the emails that are sent regarding narcissistic abuse?
Why was advocating about this subject so important to you and to your team?
How do you pick your guests for the show?
How much work goes into each show?  

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